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If you happened to be in the Atlanta area during the 80’s and enjoyed good live music, you probably made your way to either The Hoss and Saddle in Doraville or to Fagan’s in Tucker depending on which of his night clubs Jerry was performing . If you arrived late and were lucky enough to get in, it didn’t take long to understand why the place was packed. Center stage was Jerry Fagan cranking out one song after another in front of one of the hottest bands you had ever heard. As you moved about the club you knew you were in a special place, you were amazed how a rowdy bar, all of a sudden, could become totally quiet as Jerry began a solo on his classical guitar. You would have wondered how the audience knew all the words to songs you had never heard and that almost every song the band sang was a special request. As the night progressed you knew you would be coming back, it was happening to you, just as it had to the thousands of regular customers, you were becoming a Jerry Fagan music fan.

The Hoss and Saddle and Fagan’s were two of the hottest night clubs in Atlanta for over ten years with nationally known acts performing at Fagan’s on a regular basis, such as the Bellamy Brothers, who were the opening act along with Jerry’s band. Jerry recalls one night at The Hoss and Saddle you could have heard the bands Foghat, Atlanta, Razzy Bailey, Cody Marshall, and Johnny Paycheck taking turns jamming until early morning hours. The Hoss and Saddle had become the place where musicians went to jam after their concerts were over and Fagan’s was voted number one night spot in the Atlanta area.

There was one common denominator that brought about the success of both of these clubs and that was Jerry Fagan. His success in the entertainment business didn’t just happen overnight as did his ability to move an audience to tears one moment and just as quick have them laughing and dancing, it all began many years earlier.

Jerry caught the music bug early in life as a young boy or perhaps it was always in his genes. Born in 1959 and raised at the foot of Black Mountain in east Tennessee, he would find himself drawn to the music gatherings that took place on many warm summer nights by local musicians. Music was a way of life in the rural areas of Southern Appalachia and it didn’t take Jerry very long to become one of the best pickers in the area. His first paying job was playing with local legends Pete Reed and The Tennessee Three, he was just sixteen. His first TV appearance was on the Cas Walker Jamboree. After high school he moved out to Nashville to pursue his music career but like so many young men of that area found himself serving his country in the Marines Corps. After his discharge in 1971 he returned to the Nashville area for a short period, but by now most of his contacts were gone.

He moved on, playing clubs in Chattanooga and then on down to Atlanta where the music scene was hot. He continued to write songs and perfect his craft and like most musicians, was influenced and inspired by the great artists and bands of the early 70”s like James Taylor and Jim Croce. As with most great musicians Jerry’s own unique style and sound began to emerge as did his following, filling rooms where ever he played. It was at one of those Atlanta night spots in 1979 when a record producer from Hollywood caught Jerry’s show and offered him a record deal if he would move to LA. Most opportunities in life come with a price tag and the record deal was no exception.

By now Jerry had his own style and his unwillingness to be transformed into their Hollywood image ended the record deal. He played all over the LA basin winning several talent contests and making a name for himself in the LA music circles. After winning a talent contest in Bakersfield, he was offered a job by the club’s owner and his band from Atlanta soon found themselves jamming in the dessert. LA isn’t home if you were born and raised in the south and Jerry returned to Atlanta and as they say, started over. He made a good living performing on a regular basis in area night clubs and as an opening act for national known acts such as Alan Jackson at Center Stage in Atlanta.

Even though he made a good living performing, he realized the club owner, “made the real money”. The Hoss and Saddle and Fagan’s both proved to be very successful business ventures for Jerry over a ten year period. Jerry had purchased land in North West Georgia where he built a log cabin while working in Atlanta. Seeing a decline in country music, Jerry decided to close both night clubs and move to North Georgia where he began constructing rental houses on his property. He also opened the Apple Barrel restaurant in Tiftonia at the base of Lookout Mountain featuring the Picken Cellar. If you were in the mood for great food and entertainment, the Apple Barrel was the first choice for locals for over six years. The best musicians in the Chattanooga area found their way there many a Saturday night to jam with Jerry and his band.

The Picken Cellar is now closed and Jerry is putting the finishing touches on his personal recording studio he built next to his house adjacent to his pond. Frog Pond Productions is now operational and local artists are starting to find their way to this small studio with its magical sound and a few jam sessions can be heard late into the night. Jerry has continued to put his life experiences to pen and paper, accompanied by beautiful melodies and rhythms and having reached a point in life where he can concentrate fully on his music, is living out his dream.

Jerry has entertained thousands of people in live performances. He currently has 3 CDs available on this web site and on CD  His music is now enjoyed by people all over the world. Jerry has written literally thousands of songs over the course of his life. Material possessions and even relationships can fade into the sunset but a beautiful song has a way of staying with us for a life time.  His music will find a place in your heart.
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